Order Policy


Orders will be shipped within 6-9 working days from completion of the ordering process. Products will be shipped to the address specified by each customer during the order procedure. Shipment costs will be charged to the customer, and will be specified during the ordering process. The Company makes all possible efforts to ship orders within the time period specified.

Shipment delays

Your order can be delayed for one of the following reasons:

  1. During extreme weather conditions, strikes, force majeure affecting shipment and delivery
  2. In case that email and/or phone communication with you is not possible
  3. If there is a problem during the processing of your order for example:

                       1. A problem with the ordered product
                       2. A problem with the payment
                       3. Your details have been incorrectly entered),etc 

Risk of damage or destruction of products
Shipped products are insured for all damages during transportation. Validity of this insurance ends at the moment of receipt of the product by the customer.