About us

JoinGreekArt is the major Greek creative online platform dedicated to state- of- the-art, cultural objects, unique gift ideas, hand-made artworks and creations made in Greece, designed by renowned Greek artists and talented designers and inspired by Greek Symbols and Motifs.
JoinGreekart is a project founded and managed by Protoleum, the leading cultural marketing, creative storytelling & concept design company founded in 2010, in Athens, with the aim of bringing together talented Greek designers, renowned artisans and distinguished concept developers to an open platform which gives life to new narrative ideas.
Based on the creative energy that emerges when artists interact with cultural heritage, experts from the creative industry with a proven track record and in-depth experience joined forces to create state-of-the-art projects inspired by Cultural ideas, symbols and motifs.
Dedicated to a new creative narration
With the focus placed on revisiting our common, shared heritage and creating unique cultural experiences, our team consists of highly experienced art directors, museum insiders, talented designers, prolific architects, cultural & communication managers. Our company's essential purpose is to function as a creative environment where pioneering ideas, creativity and ground-breaking innovation from different industries, cultures and trends meet.
To this end, Protoleum has recently launched it’ s own concept art e-Store, JoinGreekArt.com with the aim to enhance cultural experience, as well as to promote talented Greek artists and designers.
You are welcome to Join Greek Art platform of creativity!